Fashion design  

Expert opinion

Anita Sedlina, fashion editor, style magazine "Pastaiga"
Like any design discipline in Latvia, fashion design is not clearly definable and describable. Beauty makes this domain tempting to everyone leading to a noticeable dissonance between professionals and newcomers, the latter being better known and more popular than the first; however, that does not always mean better quality.

One of the biggest problems in this domain is the inability to cooperate and individual efforts taken to cover all areas between the product and the buyer thus stealing quality off each of them. On the other hand, the interest of people and their ability to assess the value of products has increased over a couple of recent years and that is very much encouraging. We must understand and praise Latvian fashion design, to make it intelligible and known in the rest of the world. Each brand should take this path on its own.

The most active, enterprising and quality fashion brands are well known in both Latvia and abroad. Success stories to be mentioned are Agnese Narnicka’s brand "One Wolf", Elina Dobele’s architectural footwear and all those keeping the crossbar in fashion and art very high like "Mareunrol's" do, as well as those showing a positive trend in kids' fashion development like "Paade Mode".