Industrial design  

Expert opinion

Aldis Circenis, designer
Latvian industrial design is non-uniform. There are certain industries where design is developing because manufacturers understand and appreciate the importance of good design in maximizing product sales. Such, for example, is the packaging design industry with beauty and food companies leading the parade. The drive for development there equals to sort of rivalling; it is an opportunity to stimulate demand by means of excellent design.

We can speak about good design in the wood processing and furniture industry just in few cases. Furniture market is highly fragmented, the offer is often casual. New product development and putting them to production is a very expensive process due to great resource capacity. Consumers, in turn, make several groups with distinctly different tastes. For this reason, local furniture manufacturers and sellers can not achieve significant product sales to make development and production of high-quality design furniture cost-effective. Lack of traditions in creating modern Latvian environment slows down the development of industrial design in furniture industry.

To be able to compete internationally, Latvian designers should develop local projects because it is a chance to experiment, develop their own style, build confidence, grow and develop.