"BetoArt" would like to introduce you a wide range of design concrete products possibilities!

"BetoArt" is a custom concrete fabricator servicing both commercial and residential markets. We work directly with designers, architects, business owners and homeowners to provide top quality custom concrete products, such as kitchen countertops, table or bar counter surfaces, sinks and luminaires, as well as other products according to customer’s preferences.

As concrete artisans, it is our passion and goal to reintroduce you to this material and help you to realize all of its creative attributes. At Betoart we can help to integrate both form and function into your project. We will show you how we can bring your project to life by adding the artistic touches that only concrete can offer ensuring that your overall experience with our company is positive one from start to finish. We provide useful information, tips and tricks along the way to ensure that your project runs smoothly and that everything fits properly and works correctly in the end.

We will be happy to see you at the exhibition "Design Isle 2017" and listen to Your wishes and ideas to provide information about services and possibilities of "BetoArt"!