"LeMade.lv" – ceramics and works of art for the soul!

At the stand of the creative workshop of the decorative and applied arts «LeMade.lv» all visitors will be given the opportunity to choose the most beautiful ceramic jewelry, amazing decors and exclusive pottery. Also they will be able to create their own unique decoration.

Especially for the "Design Isle 2017" exhibition "LeMade.lv" has created the new collection of ceramic decorations and decor elements for daily use and luxury gifts. These are real handmade goods created to decorate life with gorgeous details filled with love, goodness and beauty!

Unique ideas and the new look at ceramics!
To experience this magical happiness of working with the clay, LeMade.lv will offer everyone to take advantage of the opportunity and create their own decoration from the clay. The Masters will help and advise how to create different patterns, ornaments and texts, use the special tools and paints for the clay. After the burning Your work can be collected in the workshop "LeMade.lv" (14A Struktoru Str., office 415, Riga) or delivered to the specified address. You will get the exclusive decoration. The perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one made by You!

The creative workshop "LeMade.lv" has opened its doors only in March 2017. However, the brand "LeMade.lv" exists since 2015 and has already earned the love and trust of people. In the workshop parents and children can find something special that brings them warmth, joy and light. There is a great possibility to acquire all these miracles and learn how to create them with your own hands right here in our creative workshop!

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