"Woodflex" will present industrial furnitures, plywood light objects and decorative panels!

"Woodflex" is Latvian company what use steal und wood in production.

Industrial furnitures are stylish and contemporary steal and wood combination. In producing process, we prefer to show You minimalism and structure of our materials. Industrial furnitures are made simple, stylish but in the same time also very resistant.

Decorative panels are a good way how to combinate stylish design elements with functionality. Partitions, facades, railings, window/door frames, decorative grilles, interior, furnitures, light objects are just a small part of it. Panels are made from plywood (6-12mm) with standard hight from 30-160cm. But we produce also measurments what is not standard.

One more part of our products what are made of plywood are light objects. Here we do an experiments of different shapes. To make our light objects more interesting we use also decorative cabels.

Come here to see our products and contact with us! See You in exibition!

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