Wolftrike drift hall

The tricycles of Wolftrike drift hall have been fitted with electrical engines that have the maximum power of 1000 W and allow them to reach speeds up to 50 km/h. They are made right here in Liepāja, Latvia. The tricycles have been safety-tested, which has helped to improve their maneuverability while drifting.

Wolftrike drift hall is the right place where to gain positive emotions after a stressful working day, as there is no preparation required for visiting the drift hall - just the desire to experience a more unconventional way of driving, compared to driving a car or a karting. At the moment, there are 10-15 trikes available at the drift hall.

Wolftrike drift hall in Riga welcomes testing of the already manufactured tricycles that are intended for European tracks, which we plan to open in 2018, and we also intend to create franchises. Our company manufactures the tricycles and develops concepts for the tracks.