Aqua Lingua – Voice Pictures

Aqua Lingua Studio creates unique gifts - voice pictures. Anyone can become creator of personal picture. Every picture has QR code which scanned, re-plays original voice record.

Meet and greet us at Design Isle in Riga and learn more about unique business gifts. We offer exclusive product - Voice Picture - an excellent gift for business partners, conference members, event participants. Any person or group can become a creator of a personal gift. The main idea postulates that water hears the human voice, and responds with unrepeatable rippling patterns. Each Voice Picture is exceptional and inimitable, because each time the water reacts differently depending on the specific sound record. This is why you can be absolutely sure that your voice artwork will be an accurate visual representation of the melody of your speech, the timbre and tone of your voice, and - above all - the meaning and emotion behind the words spoken.

Every Voice Picture has a QR code at the bottom which, when scanned, replays the original sound record.

Aqua Lingua has already received international recognition and has won multiple awards (World Summit Awards 2013; A‘Design Awards 2014). We are especially proud of the fact that Aqua Lingua pictures are framed on the walls of UNESCO and NASA headquarters.

Aqua Lingua is family built Studio of two artists - Ruta Mickiene and Virgis Mickus. Studio specializes in voice pictures as well as various attributes fot interiors.