“KK Original Design” ergonomic training equipment for children’s development

During “Design Isle 2018”, the stand of “KK Original Design” will display ergonomic training equipment created for the smallest explorers of the world. The display will also include works of art created by representatives of the company – drawings, paintings, bracelets and other items.

“LemonSlice” is a soft, rolling support plane that serves as an aid for crawling exercises. After sitting up, crawling is the next activity that a child engages in when exploring his or her surroundings, therefore this type of device is advisable for a child with motor dysfunction in the stages of early development.

“LemonHalf” is a soft cushion designed for mastering one’s crawling abilities and training the general muscular system. Elastic band systems are available for preventing spasticity and muscular dystonia.

“Crawler” facilitates free movement by making it possible to crawl on one’s knees in a vertical position and simultaneously training the muscular system, especially the pelvic muscles, as well as providing a new field of vision. The vertical position facilitates a larger load for the heart and blood-vessels, thus improving one’s cardiovascular system.

Visitors of the fair will have the possibility to try out the company’s latest creation – the “Pear”, which is a modifiable support device for active movement.

The training equipment is designed for kids with motor dysfunctions, but the creators believe that the equipment may be used by anyone for spending time in a fun and sporty way. The ancillary device “Step by Step” (now – “Crawler”) was created as part of a qualification paper at the Liepāja Music, Art and Design Secondary School for Kristiāns Daniēls Siliņš, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child. The “Crawler” facilitates movement by providing a free choice of movements, training the skeletal and cardiac muscles and offering a new field of vision. The company “KK Original Design” was formed after the defence of the qualification paper.