Laimlini will present sewed products from natural linen, tulle skirts and dresses and t-shirts with original designs

Laimlini will present sewed products of "Laimlini" from natural linen.

In our assortment, you can find towels, tablecloths, table runners, serviettes, aprons, linen clothes, bedclothes, bath things, accessories etc. As a finishing touch, we use linen laces, braids, ethnical and stylized ribbons

Solstice skirt is special designed linen line from Laimlini, with a braided belt and reflective print, that includes 9 flower crown and 7 Latvian ethnic sign stylization.

Cloudlet had a white skirt with gilded tension…

Laimlini works also with other materials, such as tulle. We have created sub-brand: Mākonīte or Cloudlet that provides tulle skirts and dresses, with different colour variations, also with lace.

Novelty! “Krekl`” - t-shirts made out of 100% cotton with graphic drawings and quotes

Our Production you will be able to order or buy during the exhibition.

Our production:
  • quality, originality, functionality, lifelong using for a great price;
  • original package, comfortable, possible to personalise with logo elements or graphic drawings, photos, images, quotes, willows, cultural and historical objects.
It creates positive emotions believing that things made with love are able to bring happiness!

Laimlini can be affectionate gift or souvenir, necessary for home use, public space interiors, for personal use in garments.
Laimlini is a new family-owned company (L.Špude, E.Freimane) from Ventspils. The daily encounter skills, design, material, and functioning found love!

“If happy hands touch linen, then linen turns into Laimlinen!”

You can find and buy/order our production on Facebook, Instagram or in our sewing workshop: Ventspils, Rīgas street 15, T.: 29289050 or in
Latvian product and souvenir shops:
  • In Ventspils - Amatu māja “Ventiņpūrlād” and “Vētra”;
  • In Rīga - “Lavandas”, „Christmas Popup store”;
  • In Kuldīga - “ Zelta Apelsīns”;
  • In Cēsis – “Pie Karlīnas”;
  • In Talsi and Valmiera – Tourism and information centre
  • Markets around Latvia.