Vividly interactive web & VR solutions facilitate design exportability

Lately we see a lot of high-quality, value-added design products arising from Latvia and Vividly wants to empower designers to expand into new markets and take advantage of digital realm and interactive technologies.

From planning and initial design presentations, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches that make your design go from good to great, virtual reality possesses the capability to sell an idea better than any other medium.
It is simply not enough anymore to have well polished image on website to hook clients interest. The habits of internet age are changing. Therefore changing the way design idea is transmitter and perceived We have gone through eras of the text, the image, the video and the next is the era of experience marketing, which is based heavily on interactive, virtual and augmented reality solutions. Particularly important it is to product design, architecture, interior segments.Almost anyone can do a glossy rendering, but not everyone can turn the design message into experience itself. Interactive experience on the web is something novel and attention-grabbing, that sticks to memory and encourages customer to move forward in the most important step - the purchase. Vividly aims to embrace this interactive power into new customers and bold design brands.

Vividly team has a unique combination of experience from architecture / design, communication / branding and emerging technologies scenes. That allows to find the best scenario that resonates with target audience and brings in new customers.

Vividly solutions have been applied in New York, London, Delhi and also in the Baltic States.

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